Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your name West Coast Bible College ® & Seminary when you are located in Texas?

The answer is simple: We were founded in California, but later moved all operations  to Texas. Rather than changing our name when we moved and having to completely rebrand, we decided to keep our name the same. It’s similar to the name of the “UTAH JAZZ” and “LOS ANGELES LAKERS.” Both of those teams moved, but kept their team names. How many of you think of Utah when you think about jazz music?

Why is the cost of a degree at WCBCS so much less expensive than other traditional colleges?

We know that when some people look at the cost they might get alarmed and wonder why the cost of a degree so inexpensive. The answer is simple: When you go to a traditional school, the majority of your tuition is going to two things: Facilities and Faculty. Since we only pay for office space and not large buildings, we have less expenses to “pass on to the students”. Additionally, our professors have bought into the vision of training ministers and have agreed to teach as a part-time ministry. Bottom line: Our desire is to train ministers cost-effectively and not create what we call “disciples of debt”.

Read this Yahoo NEWS Story on “Why Colleges Could Go Bankrupt” 

How long do I have to complete a class?

At WCBCS, we understand that life can change not only on a daily basis; but on a minute-by-minute basis. Your class syllabus provides a guideline to help you stay focused so you can finish your degree ASAP, but it is merely a suggestion. In reality, most students take a month or more to complete a class. However, you only have 2 months to complete a class without being required to request an extension. When life happens, we will work with you! Additionally, you have 5 years to complete your degree at the bachelor level and 3 years to complete your degree at the Associate, Masters, and Doctoral levels, and 2 years to complete your diploma.

Why should I choose WCBCS?

The answer is really simple: At West Coast Bible College ® and Seminary we place a strong emphasis on addressing the practical issues facing ministers on an everyday basis and equipping them to handle the “real-life” challenges and responsibilities of ministry. You will get a top-notch Bible-based education from successful and gifted leaders that you will be able to apply immediately where you’re at…and all this is at a cost anyone can afford!

When can I enroll?

We have open enrollment which means that you can enroll at any time of the year.  This is a self-paced program which can be completed at your own leisure. 

Where can I order my transcripts?

Transcripts can be ordered by going to and selecting the TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM. Transcripts CANNOT be ordered in person. 

Will my professors be academically qualified?

All WCBCS professors hold a degree for, at least, the level above what they are teaching.  In addition, they are proven leaders in their field who can give you the practical insight you need to succeed. Some courses will even be taught by a team of teachers who can provide various viewpoints on any given subject. 

Will my student records be protected?

West Coast Bible College ® and Seminary keeps all student records and personal information private and will not release that information without the written consent of the student.

Do you have scholarships?

After receiving accreditation, WCBCS will be offering a Church Worker Scholarship which will allow students to reduce the cost of their tuition. More details will be coming on this soon, as will an application.. 

What will my diploma look like?

Diploma Cover

Can I change my major?

Students may change their major at WCBCS by going to the PAYMENTS page and clicking on the link.. There is a $50 change of major fee. Upon payment you will be redirected to a form that will allow you choose a new major.

What is the mission of WCBCS?

The mission of West Coast Bible College ® & Seminary is to honor God by educating and ministering to a diverse community of students for the purpose of developing servant-leaders who will radically impact the world where they live with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We accomplish this through biblically based programs and services that have an appreciation of past traditions, but that utilize cutting-edge technology and the latest resources to equip our student for the future.

Do you give refunds on tuition or fees?

Our policy is that WE DO NOT GIVE ANY REFUNDS OR ALLOW CANCELLATIONS on tuition or fees that have been submitted since our fee structures are already so inexpensive and all of our professors are paid upon payment received. 

Do you currently accept the Army’s GI Bill for tuition?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not. We have, however, been in discussions to begin the process but we are unsure of how long that could take and we are assured that it will happen in the future. Once again, however, the cost of WCBCS makes it affordable for everyone!

How many classes will I need to take to graduate?

All bachelor degrees require 120 (40 classes) to graduate. All students are required to complete a minimum 30 hours (10 classes) to complete any degree.  There are no exceptions to this requirement. Please see your specific degree plan.

Are WCBCS degrees recognized outside of the state of Texas?

Yes. Please see your specific state for details BEFORE you .

Why is WCBCS accredited in Africa?

It’s very simple: We do a lot of work in Africa and we want to meet the needs of our students in Africa. Our mission is a global mission, not merely in any one country.

Has WCBCS received legal approval to grant degrees in the state of Texas?

WCBCS completely complies with all the laws of the state of Texas and is authorized to grant degrees.

Is WCBCS seeking accreditation in the US?

Yes, we are and when we have any information to share with you, we will post it on our website.