WCBC Mission
The mission of West Coast Bible College Seminary is to honor God by educating and ministering to a diverse community of students for the purpose of developing servant-leaders who will radically impact the world where they live with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
WCBC Mission Strategy
We accomplish this through biblically based programs and services that have an appreciation of past traditions, but that utilize cutting-edge technology and the latest resources to equip our student for the future.

What We Believe

  1. Values: In addition to its Mission Statement, West Coast Bible College & Seminary has a set of core values that drive the work of the ministry. WCBCS exists to provide high quality ministry training at the lowest cost possible to ensure that finances will not be a hindrance to the global training of leaders and the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  2. Christ-Centered: Our reason for existence centers around the person of Jesus Christ and therefore all our programs, professors, and instruction will reflect this core value.
  3. People-Focused: We know that all people matter to Jesus and they matter to us, as well. Therefore, we will do everything in our power to ensure that all people are treated equally, fairly, and with respect because they are made in God’s image and likeness (Genesis 1:27).
  4. Uncompromisingly Bible-based – We neither neglect, compromise, nor apologize for teaching the Word of God in every class.
  5. Educationally Relevant – We are committed to using the latest resources and delivery methods for our students to experience a culturally relevant education that WCBCS will enable them to be effective wherever they live.
  6. Spirit-led – We believe the Holy Spirit leads all believers into fellowship with Jesus Christ and will direct the steps of those whose hearts are set on Him. We are committed to listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit in all facets of the educational process.
  7. Missions-oriented – We are committed to pouring 10% of all finances that come into West Coast Bible College & Seminary back into missions to build churches and to provide practical needs for those in countries outside of the U.S. who are working in partnership with WCBCS.
  8. Theologically sound – We are committed to theologically sound education that is based upon the Word of God. While methods will certainly change throughout the ages, the principles of God’s Word are a firm foundation that must be properly discerned and taught so that our students will have a strong base of learning for life and ministry.
  9. Great Commission driven – The entire reason for our existence is the Great Commission; to go into the world and preach the Gospel to everyone. Our ultimate goal is to build the Kingdom of God, and not an empire for ourselves!

Our Highlights

West Coast Launches The Porter Family School of Continuing Education
May 2023: The Porter Family School of Continuing Education offers a variety of non-credit and credit courses to help students, families, family leaders/elders, pastors, ministers, and community leaders advance their leadership, professionals, personal and family financial, wealth, health, and social goals and dreams that will have a positive impact on future generations.
West Coast Names New President
April 2023: West Coast Bible College & Seminary names new president Dr. Phillip S. Porter. Dr. Porter brings a wealth of knowledge to the WCBCS family, having spent over three decades in senor leadership roles in the private and nonprofit sectors. He is the Co-Founder of Generations Empowerment Enterprises, LLC and Vice President of Global Family Success Institute.
Janice Porter
West Coast Names New Chancellor
April 2023: West Coast Bible College & Seminary names new Chancellor, Dr. Janice M. Porter. Dr. Porter is an accomplished educator in all aspects of secondary education, including serving as Principal and key Administrator of the district's non-traditional educational system.
August 2013
New Website/Logo
The new website displays the latest in features and functionalities and represents the vision of West Coast to remain on the cutting edge. Additionally, the new logo reflects the global commitment of West Coast to bring quality higher education to the masses around the world.
August 2013
December 2018
New Learning Platform
In keeping with a commitment to providing a user friendly, online learning experience, West Coast launched its new portal complete with auto testing, content drip, embedded video lessons and much more. Students will also be able to refer friends and family to West Coast seamlessly and receive a bonus for all those who enroll.
December 2018
August 2018
West Coast Names New Chancellor
Dr. Samuel C. Tolbert, Jr. takes the helm of WCBCS with a commitment to lead the college to another level of advancement and success. As the President of the National Baptist Convention of America, Inc., Dr. Tolbert has influence that stretches across the globe. He is also a pastor, former politician and serves on some of the most prestigious boards in the country; including West Coast!
August 2018
October 2017
WCBC Partners with Success Training Institute
The alliance allows WCBCS students to earn soft skills certifications, gain access to Virtual Internship Programs, earn extra money for college and much more. As the industry’s lead soft skills training provider, West Coast is able to extend valuable benefits to its student body. The soft skills certifications include: Leadership, Time Management, Focus, Winning Attitude, Conflict Resolution, Team Building and much more.
October 2017
May 2016
One for One Match
West Coast Bible College ® becomes the first institution in higher education to offer a true one to one match. This means each time a student earns a degree from West Coast, we grant a full ride scholarship to students in Africa and the Bahamas that could not otherwise afford to attend. This means our students are paying it forward with each degree they earn; unlocking the door for someone less fortunate to receive one of the most valuable gifts on the planet: a college education.
May 2016
July 2014
Study abroad programs announced
Study abroad programs announced. In an effort to give students a more well-rounded academic experience, WCBC introduces programs that allow students to travel abroad and learn from actual real world experience.
July 2014
July 2014
Thrive for Five Program is Launched
West Coast makes history yet again by becoming the first college to offer monetary rewards to its students for referring others to enroll. With current pricing, once students achieve five referrals that enroll in West Coast, their tuition is effectively paid! This truly makes college affordable for the masses!
July 2014
Teen Success Academy
Through its partnership with Success Training Institute, West Coast is now able to offer teens the access to gain soft skills certifications, earn money for college, compete for scholarships and much more. The Teen Success Academy is ideal for parents who are seeking wholesome, online programs for their high school aged children. The teens have access to mentors, assessments, soft skills certifications and much more with this initiative.
Soft Skills Equals College Credit
Recognizing the importance of soft skills training and professional development, West Coast now offers college credit to incoming students that earned certain soft skills certifications from Success Training Institute. This incentive is another unique benefit of the West Coast Experience.
Ghana Recognizes West Coast!
The Ghana Baptist Convention forged a partnership with Success Training Institute that now extends to West Coast Bible College ®. The organization has thousands of members and many of them will now be able to earn their ministry degrees from West Coast. As the online Bible College and Seminary of the GBC, students will no longer have to commute for hours to receive their degrees or soft skills certifications.
Soft Skills Access!
West Coast announces the limited time promotion to all incoming students; granting them access to soft skills training programs offered by Success Training Institute at NO ADDITIONAL COST! West Coast students can gain certifications in a variety of courses that will increase employability, marketability and confidence. Former students can gain discounted access to the cutting edge soft skills training platform.