Study Abroad

West Coast Bible College ® is constantly seeking partners to participate in studies that discover the dynamics that influence spiritual, social and emotional growth and development. By reaching out to the public, private and non-profit sectors, our institution and our students are able to gather information critical to operating ministries more effectively.

In most cases, those earning degrees from WCBC are committed to serving others; and serving others requires an in-depth understanding of others. 

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Study Abroad

At WCBC we connect our students by offering opportunities for you to learn in other countries. Retreats to Mexico, London, the Dominican Republic and educational cruises to exotic destinations are just a few ways for you to build lasting relationships, learn from guest speakers and grow personally and professionally. You will have the chance to learn about other cultures and best practices in ministry in those cultures. We encourage each student to participate in at least one study abroad opportunity while attending WCBC.

Visit New Churches

Understanding ministry from new and different perspectives is one of the goals of earning your degree with WCBC. We encourage you to explore and evaluate; to serve and observe the nuances of ministry by visiting churches in your local area. Then by asking questions of your professors and other leaders, you will learn to develop best practices in ministry across denominations.