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Honorary Doctorate Nominee

Did You Know?

Each year more than 2,000 honorary degrees are bestowed upon outstanding leaders each year in the United States alone. The Honorary Doctorate is the highest form of academic achievement as colleges and universities reserve this distinction for those who made a positive, sustainable impact on the lives of others.

Who Do You Know?

Are you or your organization, association or church affiliated with pastors, ministers, first ladies, ministers of music, worship leaders, nonprofit leaders, business owners, educators, coaches, authors, counselors and more that have dedicated their lives to the empowerment and advancement of people in the community? Do you know people who have a legacy of good works, good services and goodwill towards others? If the answers are yes, they may be great candidates to receive an Honorary Doctorate in Ministry from West Coast Bible College and Seminary. Participation in the program is by nomination only and those who are accepted will receive numerous benefits which include:

  • A Copy of Their Degree
  • A Commemorative Wooden Plaque Copy of Their Degree
  • A Complimentary Announcement of the Award (for Media Purposes)
  • Access to Live and or Virtual Commencement Ceremony
  • Access to Continuing Education Courses
  • Access to take virtual courses for educational and spiritual enrichment at no additional cost (CE Course Prerequisites)
  • A Scholarship Named in Their Honor that will Help First Generation College Students
  • Exclusive Access to High Level Mentorship and Professional Coaching Sessions
  • Opportunities to feature Christian Books, Publications, and other approved materials you’ve authored or co-authored in our Digital Bookstore

*** Note: Benefits are subject to change without notice!

Contribution & Fee

Once accepted we, ask each recipient for a minimum contribution of $1,850.00 to cover the cost of first-year tuition and fees for one, eligible undergraduate student. Plus a $75.00 administration processing fee.

 Contribution & Fee Options

  • The nominee can make the minimum contribution and pay the administration processing fee
  • Churches, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and or family members can make the minimum contribution and pay the administration processing fee on behalf of a nominee.  
Your minimum contribution covers the cost of first-year tuition and fees for one, eligible undergraduate student to attend West Coast Bible College and Seminary.

The nomination process is simple and seamless. Complete the form below to nominate someone you know today!


  • Is the contribution tax-deductible? Yes
  • Is the administrative processing fee tax deductible? No
  • Does WCBCS accept installment payments? No

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