Certified Instructors Program

So You Think You Can Teach?

At West Coast Bible College ®, we enjoy offering our students the opportunity to earn a variety of certifications. These special certifications can be in video or high quality audio format and give you an opportunity to teach on topics where you have a strong passion or expertise. Our staff prices the certification courses and some even qualify for college credit.

Each time a certification course you developed is purchased, you receive a percentage of the proceeds. Keep in mind, learners don’t have to be enrolled in any other classes to take certification courses; which means you can market and promote your courses that are featured on our site to all your peers. Those who are pastors can join the program as well and submit certification content.

These certification programs can be streamline training in your church organization and provide an online structure to those unable to attend trainings in person. Imagine, if 200 people per year enrolled in the certification programs you submitted, you could earn close to $10,000*; based on current program pricing. You receive compensation for all students who take your course, not just those you personally refer.

Learn more about how you can offer a certification program for the population of WCBC.

*Individual results vary.

West Coast Bible College ® and Seminary does not guarantee or promise any results.