*Students will obtain knowledge specializing in biblical studies.
*Students will acquire knowledge specializing in effective Christian ministry.
*Students will learn and integrate broad knowledge in general education toward the development of a Christian worldview.
*Students will develop and exhibit critical thinking skills to resolve issues in contemporary culture through the ministries of the Church.
*Students will discover and enhance ministerial skills through practical application  assessments.
*Students will cultivate a Christ-like attitude, biblical convictions, and learn how to positively collaborate and respond to others.

If these program outcomes match the type of program you are looking for, then we would love to have you as a student!




100 – 90        A = 4.0
89 – 80          B = 3.0
79 – 70          C = 2.0
69 – 60          D = 1.0
59 – Below    F = 0.0


  • 3.95 – 4.00 Summa Cum Laude
  • 3.75 – 3.94 Magna Cum Laude
  • 3.50 – 3.74 Cum Laude

No honors will appear on the degrees earned by student.



If a student feels that there is an error on his grade report, they must begin the appeal process within thirty days of receiving the grade report by contacting the WCBCS offices at After thirty days the grade is considered final and is not subject to appeal by the student or any third party.

WCBCS is not responsible for lost tests, projects, etc. Please be sure to make a copy of all material prior to submitting material to WCBCS for grading or evaluation.



Credit Hours: In order for a student to maintain satisfactory academic progress, they must:

  1. Pass a minimum of 75% of all classes with a “C” average; and
  2. Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Academic Warning: If any student fails to satisfy either of these conditions, the first time they will be given an academic warning via email informing them they must meet the minimum standards. If their performance does not improve, the student will be placed on Academic Probation.

Academic Probation & Appeal: Being placed on Academic Probation required a student to maintain a 2.0 GPA moving forward or they may be administratively withdrawn from their program. In this case, the student will receive an email and phone call from the WCBCS offices. Students have five (5) days to appeal this decision in writing. After five (5) it may not be appealed.

Letters grades will be assigned the following numeric point values:

A = 4.0
B = 3.0
C = 2.0
D = 1.0
F = 0.0




  1. The student will be contacted and made aware of the situation and given an opportunity to respond.
  2. The student will be placed on Academic probation if it is deemed there was a violation.
  3. The first time will result in a “0” on the assignment.
  4. The second time will result in a 6 month expulsion.\
  5. The third time will result in a final expulsion. A student may appeal the decision to the WCBCS President who then, in conjunction with the WCBCS board, will render the final decision.
  6. When a student is expelled for cheating, there will be NO REFUNDS GIVEN.

Definition of various forms of academic dishonesty is as follows:

Plagiarism: Knowingly or intentionally presenting the ideas, words or work of another as one’s own.
Cheating: Unauthorized use of study aids, examination files or receiving unauthorized assistance in any academic exercise.
Fabrication: Falsification or invention of information concerning the student’s background


It is the aim of WCBCS to resolve all complaints, including but not limited to, grade disputes, alleged sexual harassment or any other form of complaints in a manner that is fair and just too all persons involved. For this end, it has been established the Grievance Committee, composed of representatives from faculty and administration.

The VP of Student Services serves as the chair of the Grievance Committee. All complaints against a faculty member or staff of WCBCS, grade disputes, or disciplinary action taken against the student must be submitted via Student Forms on Wufoo. ( click here for Wufoo form )

When preparing a formal appeal to the Grievance Committee, following information should be documented and submitted to the chair of the committee.(a) Nature of the Complaint or dispute; (b) Date the alleged dispute or problem occurred; (c) Names of the individuals involved; and (d) Copies of all relevant documents. The President’s office for purpose of this procedure assumes a neutral role and is available to discuss the problem with the employee or student.

All grievances will be dealt with from a Matthew 18 perspective.



In compliance with Public Law 93-380, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, you are hereby informed of your rights with regard to education records made at WCBCS.

• WCBCS officials, who have legitimate educational interests, have access to the records. Officials of other schools in which the student seeks to enroll will have access to these records upon the written consent of the student.
• Also having access are authorized representatives of the Comptroller General of the United States, the Secretary, the Commissioner, and the Director of the National Institute of Education. In connection with a student’s application for receipt of financial aid, access is granted to state and local officials or authorities to which such information is specifically required to be reported or disclosed pursuant to state statute adopted prior to November 19, 1974 (nothing in the paragraph shall prevent a state from further limiting the number or type of state or local officials who will continue to have access thereunder.)
• Access is granted to organizations conducting studies for, or on behalf of, educational agencies or institutions for the purpose of developing, validating, or administering predictive tests, administering student aid programs, and improving instruction, if such studies are conducted in such a manner as will not permit the personal identification of students and their parents by persons other than representatives of such organizations and such information will be destroyed when no longer needed for the purpose for which it is conducted.
• Accrediting organizations will have access rights in order to carry out accrediting functions.
• Records may be viewed in compliance with judicial order or pursuant to any lawfully issued subpoena, upon condition that the students are notified of all such orders or subpoenas in advance of the compliance therewith by the educational institution.
• Student records will be updated each course enrolled and coursework with grades and total grade point average are figured for the course’s work.
• The student has the right to inspect his/her records maintained by WCBCS. To do this the student must request the permanent record from the Registrar. Also, if the information contained in the file is determined to be incorrect, the right to a hearing to change, delete, or write explanations regarding the information in question will be granted. Should a file contain information on another student, only that information pertaining to the inquiring party will be provided.
The student has the right to waive the option of reviewing recommendations for admission. The student opting to waive the right of inspection may sign the form “Student Waiver of Rights” provided in the Registrar’s office or sign the “Waiver of Rights” provided on the front of the recommendation forms used for admissions purposes. The student is not required to waive the right of inspection and would in no case be refused admission, or any of the services offered by WCBCS, because of failure to sign the waiver.
•The student has the right to challenge the content of his/her education records. Todo this, the student should request the form “Request to Amend or Remove Educational Record” from the Registrar’s office. After completing the form, it should be presented to the Registrar, and in the event the request is not approved, a date of hearing will be set. The student may be present during the hearing and will be notified on the day of the hearing of the action taken. A scheduled fee is charged for a copy of a transcript.
•Students have until the last day of late registration to request that “Directory Information” be withheld from the public. Pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, “Directory Information” includes a student’s name, address, telephone listing, date and place of birth, major field of study, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received, and the most recent previous educational agency or institution attended. If one does not want the “Directory Information” made public, he/she needs only to sign the form, “Notice to Withhold Directory Information” that is available in the Registrar’s office.
•This law does not grant the right to contest the grade given for the student’s performance in a course, or the right to examine a teacher’s grade book. Questions regarding the rights provided by Public Law 93380, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, should be directed to the Registrar’s office.