West Coast Bible College & Seminary Announces The Honorary Doctorate Degree 2023 Fall Class Recipients

Fort Worth, Texas – December 27, 2023 – West Coast Bible College & Seminary (WCBCS) is proud to announce the Honorary Doctorate Degree 2023 Fall Class recipients. The WCBCS Honorary Doctorate Degree Acceptance Committee and the Board of Directors are excited to confer the prestigious WCBCS Honorary Doctorate Degree in Ministry to these outstanding individuals.  This prominent degree will be awarded at the live and or virtual honorary doctorate degree ceremony in May 2023.

Honorary recipients include Angela Harris, Paula Hollis, Kerri Pruitt, and Isiah Reese.  “Our 2023 Fall honorees are among the leaders in their respective fields, in no small part due to their commitment to community empowerment and building a better society for us all,” said Dr. Phillip S. Porter, president of West Coast Bible College & Seminary (WCBCS). “Passion, dedication, life’s work, and service have been major components to their lives both personally and professionally, which makes this year’s honorary degree recipients exceedingly qualified to join the Fall Class of 2023. They have repeatedly shown and proven their capacity to improve the world, and we honor them for their efforts.

For more information about our recipients, visit https://westcoastbc.org/honorary-doctorate/recenthonorees/

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