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Simply Success Internship

Applicable to All Majors | 3 Month-12 Month Outline
Spring, Summer, Fall 2018 | Updated 01-08-2018

Internships with Simply Success are designed to increase student career readiness through the enhancement of soft skills. As an intern, you will learn leadership, time management, conflict resolution and team building skills to name a few. Through interfacing with those in your circle of influence, your sales and presentation skills will grow as you offer membership subscriptions to reach and exceed individual and team sales goals.

You will also gain first-hand experience in interfacing with business leaders in your local community by attending networking functions as a representative of Simply Success.
Additionally, you will have the opportunity to earn soft skills certifications in numerous areas that are critical to personal and professional success.

Finally, your satisfactory completion of all requirements as an Intern will open the door for someone less fortunate to receive complimentary access to soft skills training through our Global Success Initiative. Therefore, we urge you to make the most of this extraordinary opportunity


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