Kerry Lynn Taylor Receives Honorary Doctorate Degree From West Coast Bible College & Seminary

Fort Worth, Texas – Wednesday, April 24, 2024 – In recognition of his exemplary military service, ministry contributions and community engagement locally, nationally, and internationally, Kerry Lynn Taylor has been conferred an Honorary Doctorate from West Coast Bible College & Seminary (WCBCS). This distinguished accolade is set to be formally bestowed upon him at the ceremonial event scheduled for June 1, 2024, accommodating attendees in-person and online.

Dr. Phillip S. Porter, President of WCBCS, shared his enthusiasm: “We are deeply inspired by Kerry’s military leadership, academic excellence and unwavering faith. It’s our privilege to welcome him into the esteemed West Coast family.”

Kerry L. Taylor, a retired Major from the US Army, brings over two decades of diverse experience as an Engineering Technician, Scientist, and dedicated soldier. Throughout his distinguished career, Kerry demonstrated exceptional leadership and expertise in various roles, including automation officer, coordination management specialist, mentor, and advisor.

With specialized training and certifications in computer networks, coordination, and teaching, Kerry seamlessly navigated complex technical environments. From conducting lab experiments to overseeing computer networks and teaching Computer Science, he consistently delivered results while prioritizing safety and quality assurance.

Kerry’s professional journey encompasses remarkable achievements, including his tenure as a Mentor/Engineering/Communications Officer in Afghanistan, where he spearheaded critical civil-military operations and mentored personnel in key leadership engagements. His dedication to excellence extended to his role as an Assistant Professor of Military Science at the University of Memphis ROTC, where he ensured rigorous training aligned with Army standards and fostered leadership development among cadets.

In addition to his military service, Kerry made significant contributions as a Physical Scientist at the Environmental Lab in Vicksburg, MS, and as a Logistics Management Specialist in the US Army Reserves.

His commitment to education is evident through his adjunct professorship in Computer Science and his continuous pursuit of academic excellence, culminating in Bachelor of Science and Master’s in Science degrees from Jackson State University.  He completed all the requirements for the PhD in Education from Jackson State University. He is also a member of the Alpha Phi Fraternity Incorporated.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Kerry is deeply engaged in ministry and community service, serving as an Elder, Deacon, and Minister for over three decades. He actively contributes to various church activities, mentors’ youth, teaches and participates in charitable initiatives, reflecting his values of compassion and service.

Kerry’s extensive training, diverse skill set, and unwavering dedication make him a valuable asset in any professional setting, where his leadership and expertise drive success and inspire those around him.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Kerry Lynn Taylor on the well-deserved honor of receiving an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Ministry from West Coast Bible College & Seminary.

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