MCIN - Masters Commission International

What is Master's Commission International Network?

aster’s Commission International Network of Affiliates was formed to preserve the integrity and purity of the heart with which this intense discipleship-training program was created. Our Mission is “To know God and to make Him known.” It is the desire of the MCIN to help the local church raise up a generation of world changers, recklessly abandoned to the cause of Christ. To do this, each Master’s Commission must be a ministry of a local church, not a para-church organization. Master’s Commission is affecting a generation of young adults who are trained to reach a world with the Word of God as their foundation, prayer as their passion and evangelism as their battle cry.

The Master’s Commission International Network of Affiliates are Master’s Commission programs that share the same heart and desire for character, integrity and discipleship. If a Master’s Commission program is recognized and backed by the MCIN, then it meets the standards and mirrors the original heart of this movement and will be designated as an “Affiliate”. Each Affiliate of the MCIN that is in good standing shall have a non-exclusive license to use the registered trade name of Master’s Commission® & Master’s Commission International Network®. The legal use of the name of Master’s Commission® & Master’s Commission International Network® by anyone or any Affiliate Member of the MCIN is contingent upon avoiding any violation of the enclosed Requirements and Core Values of an MCIN Affiliate Member and the observation of such other requirements as MCIN may impose from time to time.

The purpose of MCIN is to be a training center which enhances established programs and sets a firm foundation for beginning programs. As a training center, our focus is to strategically design gatherings to strengthen our unity and to equip leaders to raise a nation of leaders. For beginning programs there are seminars, literature and M.C. directors available to train and mentor. We are a family committed not only to the success of programs but also to the people giving their lives to the cause of Jesus Christ.

West Coast Bible College ® & Seminary has partnered with numerous MC groups from throughout the US and beyond to make a great discipleship program, even more powerful! If you’ve ever wanted an on-campus college experience that teaches real-life ministry, then contact MCIN today.

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