Press Release: West Coast Bible College and Seminary Names New President


West Coast Bible College and Seminary Names New President

Forth Worth, Texas – West Coast Bible College and Seminary (WCBCS) has named Dr. Phillip Porter as its new president. Dr. Porter was unanimously selected by the governance board for his extensive leadership experience and accomplishments as a retired corporate executive and author.

Dr. Porter brings a wealth of knowledge to the WCBCS family, having spent over two decades in leadership roles in the private sector. He retired to launch Global Enterprises, which empowers families to create strategic plans to build generational wealth. Dr. Porter has also authored several books that focus on developing functional families using Bible-based principles.

Dr. Porter and his wife, Janice, have also developed a live workshop series dedicated to assisting families in setting goals, effectively resolving conflicts, and working together as a team. With his vast experience, Dr. Porter is well-positioned to lead WCBCS in addressing the growing need for affordable, faith-based degree programs.

“The mission of education is not for students to graduate with massive debt but massive opportunity,” said Dr. Porter. “Our goal at West Coast is to enhance opportunities without placing burdens on families.”

Dr. Porter plans to honor pastors, ministers, and leaders from all backgrounds and denominations by creating more opportunities for them to earn honorary degrees for their life’s work. He believes that those who have dedicated their lives to empowering others should have a clear path to be honored academically for the sacrifices they made to enhance the lives of so many through ministry.

“We’re creating an ecosystem where accomplished professionals, ministry, and community leaders can gain access to Honorary Doctoral Programs and, in exchange, help offset the cost of one year of tuition for a new student seeking a degree from WCBCS,” added Dr. Porter.

Dr. Porter is already hard at work and is releasing his pay-it-forward degree campaign that honors the past while investing in the future. With his bold initiatives, Dr. Porter seeks to transform the way religious higher education is accessed and financed.

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