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The Porter Family School of Continuing Education

The Porter Family School of Continuing Education – is named after visionaries Rev. Dr. James Porter, Sr., and Barbara Jean Lambert-Porter. The school offers a variety of non-credit and credit courses to help students, families, family leaders/elders, pastors, ministers, and community leaders advance their leadership, professionals, personal and family financial, wealth, health, and social goals and dreams that will have a positive impact on future generations.  

During your education enrichment journey, it’s our goal to strengthen professional and family bonds, improved relationships, expand networks, and cultivate leadership, and confidence to help you achieve your purpose/vision based on your core values. You do not have to walk your professional, family, and personal wealth-building education faith journey alone, we are a family.

Slogan: Families Learning & Working Together Build Wealth

Online Courses by Drs. Phillip & Janice Porter

  • Certification In Family Success Classes (Course Numbers Section I: CEFAM101 – CEFAM110 and Section II: CEFAM201 – CEFAM210): In section I of this course, you will learn the ten (10) best practices of phenomenally successful families. In Section II you will learn the ten (10) best practices of wealthy families. These best practices are designed to motivate and provide you and your family with systemic strategies, knowledge, skills and resources needed to bring your family together to achieve your goals and dreams.
  • The Five Pillars For Financial Literacy Success (Course Numbers CEFIN101-CEFIN104): This course is the foundation of your relationship with money and financial services, and it is a lifelong journey of learning.  When you take this course, you can prepare yourself to make informed financial decisions that can help you and your family achieve your financial goals and dreams.  You will learn the five pillars of financial literacy success which include Income, Savings, Spending, Borrowing, and Protection.
  • Four Steps To Successful Partnerships & Collaboration (Course Numbers CEBUS101) (Coming Soon): This course provides the framework, four strategies, and seven benefits for you to establish effective long-term partnerships and collaborations.  Strong partnerships and collaborations with nonprofit organizations, churches, businesses, associations, and more are necessary to create sustainable economic change for your family for generations.  During this course, we will walk you through a real-life successful partnership example.
  • Strategies For Marriage & Relationship Success (Coming Soon)