Yeni Silva-Renteria Receives Honorary Doctorate Degree From West Coast Bible College & Seminary

Fort Worth, Texas – Thursday, March 28, 2024 – In recognition of her exemplary contributions as a social justice advocate for children and families both nationally and internationally, Yeni Silva-Renteria has been conferred an Honorary Doctorate from West Coast Bible College & Seminary (WCBCS). This distinguished accolade is set to be formally bestowed upon her at the ceremonial event scheduled for June 1, 2024, accommodating attendees in-person and online.

Dr. Phillip S. Porter, President of WCBCS, shared his enthusiasm: “We are deeply inspired by Yeni’s unwavering commitment, ethical standards, and transformative leadership. It’s our privilege to welcome her into the esteemed West Coast family.”

Currently serving as the executive director of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), Silva-Renteria has also contributed her expertise as an adjunct professor in Wichita State University’s social work department. With over two decades of dedicated service to children and families, including Latino and refugee populations faced with forced displacement, her advocacy extends beyond borders, driving community involvement and advocating for systemic reforms at various governmental levels.

Her notable appointments include roles by Governor Laura Kelly on the Kansas Hispanic and Latino American Affairs Commission and the Kansas Advisory Group on Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention. Silva-Renteria’s influence also spans the Advisory Committee for the National Initiative for Trauma Education and Workforce Development at the University of North Carolina, the Community Task Force established in the wake of CJ Lofton’s murder, and the Board of Directors for Wichita Habitat for Humanity. A graduate of the Citizens Police Academy, she actively engages in Cultural Sensitivity dialogues with law enforcement personnel.

Silva-Renteria’s journey from Mexico to the United States at the age of ten, settling in Wichita for over two decades, marks a trail of firsts: the first in her family of twelve siblings to complete high school and pursue higher education in the U.S., culminating in a Master’s degree in Social Work from Wichita State University in 2015.

Reflecting on her ethos, Silva-Renteria emphasizes the importance of bridge-building and nurturing diverse relationships, stating, “Commitment to connecting varied perspectives is fundamental for our individual development and enhances our collective capacity to champion broader societal benefits.”

We warmly applaud Yeni Silva-Renteria for this prestigious recognition, acknowledging her significant impact and the well-earned Honorary Doctorate from West Coast Bible College & Seminary.

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